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Our Top Recommendation
Learn Foreign Languages Here!

All the 'learn a new language' resources you will ever need in the one place. Whether you are looking to conquer spanish, french, german, chinese or even latin then look no further then these popular and well respected language guides. From the amateur to the professional you will find what you need. Trust us - you need look no further!

Also Recommended
How to Read Anybody's Body Language like a Open Book

Communication is needed in our daily lives and it is something everyone does in one way or another. This book points out how we often will overlook the fact that we also communicate through our body language by using our entire bodies. This kind of language is extremely important when it comes to communication and this book shows readers how to take advantage of this nonverbal type of communication.

Also Recommended
The Language Instinct: How The Mind Creates Language

This book tries to help the readers to understand how language works, how it can change and how it evolves. It also explains just how the brain computes language. The author Steven Pinker is one of the world's experts on language and uses both humor and wordplay to turn language into an interesting story. He explains how language is a basic human instinct that is wired into the human brain. It is extremely easy and fun to read, almost like a storybook.

Also Recommended
The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language

The book explains there are about 6,000 different languages in the world today and all of them come from human descendants when they first spoke some 150,000 years ago. The book covers how languages actually mutate over time the book reminds readers about the variety of the species that also speaks these languages and the book argues with the popular perception that language is immutable and hidebound, but instead that it is a living entity that is dynamic and adapts istelf to how the human environment changes. The book is funny and filled with imaginative insight most readers should enjoy.

Also Recommended
Language An Introduction to the Study of Speech

This is a very in depth book that introduces the reader to linguistics written by Sapir a very distinguished linguist and anthropologist. The book has great insight and it guides the reader through all the fundamental questions about language, how culture and language is related, how language works and how languages vary. This book is easy to read and should be quite interesting to most readers but especially those who are interested in linguistics. It is a great book for beginners in linguistics even though it was first released in the 1920s its approach is grounded in the classical structural linguistics. It can be challenging and thought provoking at times but it is worth the read.

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